B/W film, paper, Chem.

Student and Darkroom Supplies

Below is a list of items we carry that students typically use for photo classes in high school and college.  These products are also used in home darkrooms and photo labs.  If you need a 35mm camera check out our listing for used cameras.

Ilford 8x10

B & W Photo paper:
Ilford We Stock Multigrade IV RC Deluxe in 8×10, and 11×14 in Glossy, Pearl, and Satin surfaces and Fiber paper in 8×10. The full line of Ilford paper can be ordered.

Ultrafine The full product line can be ordered.

Arista  The full product line can be ordered

B & W Film:  

Ilford  We stock a selection including HP5, the Delta films, SFX 200 (high red sensitivity), and FP4 in 35mm and limited 120. The full line of Ilford film can be ordered

Kodak  We stock Kodak TriX and  Tmax film

Fuji  We stock Fuji Neopan film

Ultrafine  The full line of ultrafine film can be ordered

Arista  The full line of Arista film can be ordered

Miscellaneous: We carry print and negative protector sheets from Printfile, antistatic cloths, and camera batteries.

For students taking color classes we have Fuji 8×10-100 sheet boxes of RA4 color paper in the Matte finish.