BW Darkroom Equipment

We sell a broad selection of of both new and used Darkroom Equipment.Below is a list of used darkroom equipment we have in stock.
These items are suitable for use in Photolabs, Schools & Home Darkrooms


Condition Price
Beseler 23C B&W Enlarger Good $200.00
Beseler 23C B&W Enlarger, older model Good $100.00

Darkroom Accessories

ProWash Print Washer Lrg. Capacity 16×20 Acrylic Very Good $334.00
Pro Temp Digital Thermometer 1/10 degree accuracy Excellent $75.00
Durst UT100 Film Dryer, bag type, wall mount Excellent $200.00
Print File Custom Proofer, for contact Sheets Excellent $18.00
Just Normlight Light box Smart Light 5000     14×20 Excellent $150.00
Mini Sight Grain Focusing Scope Excellent $25.00
Schneider Focusing Loop 4X MC Excellent $80.00
Speed Easel 5×7 Excellent $14.00
Speed Easel 8×10 Excellent $18.00
Paper Safes 8×10, Excellent $16.00
Paper Safes 11×14 Excellent $22.00
Developing Trays 11×14 Excellent $5.00
Developing Trays 16×20 Excellent $10.00
Bamboo Tongs Very Good $2.00
Enlarger Lenses, Many focal lengths, Good – Excel Call / Email
Enlarger Timers, Several Different Brands Good – Excel Call / Email
Stainless Steel Film Reels, for dev. Tanks Excellent $6.00
Film Dev. Tanks Excellent Call / Email
Bulk Film loaders Good Call / Email
Seal Commercial 210M Dry Mount Press Excellent Call / Email